Fouad WhatsApp v7.15 Kitty Marie Edition Latest Version Download Now By Silva

oie Girls come share with you one more of My Work hope you like ….
Fouad Primary Mod v7.15 Kitty Marie

novas💜 bubbles
ticket novos💜
Laçador icons novos💜
novos💜 notification icons
new icons traparentes 💜

#Não cópie👍
#Não Edite👍

#se get some thing My Mod Let My Credits #

credits +Geise Nascimento by some bubbles ….

Whats News in 7.15

• [Exclusive] Custom Hide name for contact/group (Click on name > Hide contact name)
• [Exclusive] Disable notification while playing voice notes (Option 1.3.10)
• [Added] Locked chat messages will be hidden in Widget
• [Added] Back You can Play Videos in your Favourite externel app (Example: MX player or any other video player)(Option 5.0.4)
• [Added] 4 New Cr Bubbles and some PNGs (Credit To Richar Correra)
• [Added] Gradient to Recent Updated Background
• [Fixed] Slow and lag when scrolling
• [Fixed] WhatsApp size (data) getting bigger
• [Fixed] Widget bypass WhatsApp Lock/locked conversations
• [] Other bugs fixes and Speed Improvements

Download link below

package : com.whatsapp

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